Micaela Go

Business Rates


Photography Rates

Marketing & Business


Half Day Rate

Up to 4 hours on location.
(additional hours $500/hr)

Day Rate

Over 4 hours on location, up to 8 hours.
(additional hours $500/hr)

The amount of time needed is specific to the details of your project - feel free to contact me for an estimate.



The above rates apply, except for solo sessions as described below.

I offer a wide variety of headshot styles. In most cases I use portable studio lighting for consistency. See samples of various possibilities here.

Executive Portrait Sessions


An intensive solo portrait session, lasting up to 1-1.5 hours, in as many different locations, poses, and outfits as desired and as time allows. I will discuss your needs with you, and then guide you through the process in order to best fulfill them.

Co-founders? Two or three people are usually OK in these sessions, depending on your needs.


These rates include the best photos from the session, fully edited, available for download in a gallery online and ready for immediate use, delivered within two weeks of the shoot date.

The samples on this page represent the typical standard editing and basic retouching that is included. Additional more advanced retouching is also available at reasonable cost if desired, but care is taken during the shoot itself to ensure that significant retouching is usually not needed.

These rates are designed for the sake of simplicity - you are granted an unlimited use license for most typical scenarios (except for e.g. national advertising campaigns and the like, for which additional licensing is required). Micaela Go retains copyright and all other applicable rights. Inquire for details or if your licensing requirements differ.