Creative Brief Form


Creative Brief


Filling out this form in as much detail as possible will give us a good sense of how to approach your project. We will likely ask clarifying questions, and we invite you to ask questions either here in the form or in our later correspondence, to ensure that we're on the same page and that you get the photographs you need. 

A brief overview of the project, in a few sentences.
How and where the photographs will be used. Web? Print? Advertisements? Internal use? The more specific, the better.
We deliver photographs over the internet in full-quality, full-resolution, web-ready JPG format, fully edited, with minor retouching where needed. If you have specific requirements for format/resolution, file types, advanced retouching, etc., please describe.
Who will primarily be seeing the photographs? Potential corporate clients? Individual customers? People within your organization only? The general public? If there isn’t a specific answer, give a general sense - we are not necessarily familiar with your company or organization and who its audience is.
Is there a specific tone or message you’d like to convey with the photographs?
Any specific requirements or predetermined ideas, please describe. If you have example photos, diagrams/storyboards, etc., please e-mail them separately.
If applicable - to give us a sense of what others are doing in your field. If you specifically like or dislike something your competitors and peers are doing (as it relates to this photography project), describe it (and/or e-mail us examples).
Dates and times requested, turnaround time required, anything regarding budget, scheduling, or other such concerns.