Newborn Portrait Guide

Newborn sessions are typically done in your home. I like to set up in whichever room has the most natural light; this could be a bedroom, living room, even the kitchen (seriously!) and may involve moving some furniture around (which I am happy to do, if you don’t mind). 

Preparation & Clothing

I recommend keeping the room(s) we will be in very warm, since your little one will likely be in just a diaper or onesie for the majority of the session. This will keep the baby comfortable enough to (hopefully) sleep.

I find that keeping things simple with a diaper and a minimal onesie yields the best, most timeless results. If you opt to do an outfit or two, have those ready to go.

Keeping simplicity in mind, I can bring along a white blanket if needed.

My go-to backdrop.

My go-to backdrop.

A little assistance from a big sister :)

A little assistance from a big sister :)

After Amelia’s newborn session, we used jasmine again a year later on her 1st birthday <3


We will definitely get family photos too! I like getting a variety of shots - one with the whole family, one of just the kids if possible (this mostly depends on the older siblings age). each parent with the baby, and of course just the baby. The order depends on how the baby is feeling and will vary from family to family.

There are a few more sample photos here. If you have any other questions, feel free to email me at or message me here. If you’re ready to go you can book here!

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SMYSP featured in Gentry Magazine

This summer, I had the privilege to have been chosen - for the second year in a row! - to photograph the summer programs for Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies. The Stanford Medical Youth Science Program (SMYSP) is one of the groups I particularly look forward to photographing because of the hands-on, immersive nature of the program, and because the kids that are chosen to participate in it have similar backgrounds to my own. Read more about them below, or click here to read the digital version of the article. I took all the photos they used!