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Isabelle & Dennis

I am so, so lucky Isabelle and Dennis made time for an engagement session last spring. Working with both of them, along with Andrew & Hien, was an actual treat for me; it's not every day that I get to work with a genuine, bona fide model and stylist. I'm still in awe of Isabelle's skills as a model and Dennis' ability to match/compliment her energy. Also they're super in love and perfect for each other. AND they have cute puppies. Total package. 

Chris took a lot of these.


The Mirage installation at sunset was so crowded and for some reason everyone was being very weird and rude. Two coachella girls walked by us outside and one passive aggressively said to the other "you aren't ALLOWed to have professional cameras here, why does everyone have them" loud enough so we would hear. I didn't see them after that so maybe they tripped over each other's cork wedges and fell down a ditch, leaving a trail of melted eyeliner and scraps of boho bell sleeved forever 21 shirt behind them.

Later, I asked the gallery sitter about the cameras and he said they weren't allowed inside the house (outside was fine) and he told me that there was some drama with security and that they were closing the exhibit early. The house was vacated but the gallery sitter told me I should go in and have a look because I waited and basically wasn't being a monster like all the other tourists. Everyone must have been pretty bad that night if I got a genuine thank-you from the guy just for asking permission. Being inside a mirrored house alone at dusk sounds kind of scary in hindsight.

Shout out to the gallery sitter, I hope he's on vacation right now.